A new APEX Plugin to edit and annotate images has arrived!

We are pleased to announce the release of a beautiful and intuitive file upload & image editor plugin for Oracle APEX that works everywhere! Whether you are using your Desktop, Tablet, or Phone you can upload and annotate images directly in your APEX app with zero dependencies!
Live Demo


Perform all your image editing/transformation requirements in the browser on your phone, tablet or desktop. With no additional dependencies, simply make your desired image changes and upload the finished result by simply clicking “Done”! Super quick to install and use, simply “Import -> Add Region -> and Run” in literally minutes with zero coding!

Speed up your development and speed up your users workflow by enabling them to do everything they need with images without resorting to external programs. It’s a win-win and great time saver! Features include:

File Uploading

A user-friendly and visually attractive file uploader with options like:

  • Drag & Drop files
  • Select files from your local File System
  • Copy & Paste an Image from your clipboard
  • Stream file uploading for quicker upload time

Image Editing

Change images on the fly using a beautiful and easy to use image editor

  • Enforce an aspect ratio
  • Rotate resize & flip your image
  • Photo filter effects including back/white
  • Change contrast, brightness, saturation

Image Annotation

Need to highlight something important in the image or add some context to it?

  • Add text and control the color, font, and sizing
  • Add arrows and change size and orientation
  • Draw squares & circles and resize them accordingly

File Transformation

You have the ability to perform a number of automatic “in browser” transformations just prior to file upload

  • Add a watermark e.g. company logo
  • Image resizing i.e. enforce a standard size
  • Image cropping
  • Applying Filtering e.g. Black & White
  • File format conversion e.g. jpeg -> png

Edit Existing Files

Your files have been uploaded already? No problem you can edit them at any time, not just when they are uploaded the first time:

  • Edit any existing image stored in the database
  • Restrict the ability to upload new files
  • Open the image editor to perform any desired changes
  • You can perform the same transformations as you can with new files


We additionally include a dynamic action so you can change the following on the fly:

  • Set file size limit
  • Set number of files limit
  • Toggle Theme, Toggle Modal
  • Restrict Editing options e.g. Crop Only
  • Plus more….

Live Demo


This plugin requires a commercial license to use. You can find out more information here


As we have focused purely on in browser functionality you may have a requirement to batch process your images or process them server side, similar to Oracle Multimedia. Given that Oracle Multimedia is deprecated / being removed from the database you should consider APEX Media Extension by APEX R&D. If you’re wondering why we are releasing somewhat similar functionality to them is basically, “we didn’t know”. We started work on this project back in June 2019, and development at the end of November.

We can say we were surprised in December when they initially announced “APEX Media Extension”. At the same time we were focusing on browser only functionality without any server dependencies Vs their serverside implementation. We have spoken with APEX R&D and we both see the competition as a good thing, it will benefit the community. We will continue to do our best to serve our customers with the best possible tools to make their job easier, and their application users happier.

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