Announcing the “APEX Version Differences” helper tool

Change, it’s something that all of us developers using APEX are constantly faced with, well twice a year to be more precise. It’s what can be responsible for of the majority of bugs we investigate. It can also mean that we need to change code because something is no longer available. On the positive side, it also can reduce the amount of code we have to write and maintain thanks to new features and improvements.

Planning/performing upgrades to new versions of APEX can result in a significant amount of reading and scrolling of Release Notes for every new feature (oh the joy that brings). Meaning we can easily miss what has changed and what is new, and what might have been omitted (accidentally).

Are you looking for an easier way? Well then say “hello” to the new “APEX Version Differences” tool.

You can now use our new online apex diff tool to easily check for version differences between APEX releases. Starting from APEX 19.2 you can easily compare the latest 4 releases and work out what’s changed in the view and PL/SQL API layer. You can use our diff viewer (future FOS Plug-in) to see exactly what’s changed in the APEX PL/SQL Package Specifications, and which View columns have changed.

Let us show you how it works…..

YouTube video


Check it out, it’s live and available at:

  • Stew Reply

    Thanks for providing this tool. I’ve noted it, for when my company decides they can upgrade Apex even if they don’t upgrade Oracle!

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