APEX 18.1 support has arrived with the release of FOEX 4.0.1

APEX 18 compatibility with FOEX 4We are happy to announce the release of FOEX 4.0.1 which is now officially compatible with the latest version of Oracle Application Express: APEX 18.1. This patch set release is a minor release that contains primarily bug fixes and the following enhancement:

You can now choose to ignore grid column filters and sorting from state saving by adding the following additional JSON config settings to your grids:

"saveSortState": false,
"saveFilterState": false

We’re now busily focusing on v4.1.0 of FOEX and looking to introduce new features like:

  • Drag & Drop between multiple grids and trees
  • Drag & Drop re-ordering of grid rows
  • A new screen capture dynamic action
  • New color picker item plugin
  • New toggle switch button
  • New signature region plugin
  • Next page scrolling pagination for grids and LOVs
  • FDA Improvements
  • Plus more….

Finally we’re also doing some R&D on whether we can load JET charts into the current page i.e. Single Page Application mode. If we can, this will be a big step in terms of complex dashboard capability with optimal performance.

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