Beta Test Round 1

Today we sent out acceptance emails to some of those who signed up for the FOEX Beta Tests.

If you haven’t got one, please don’t be disappointed, there will be more Test Rounds. For each Test Round we invite more and more people to participate.

The later you get in the Beta Tests, the better the Product will be. Now in Round 1 it still has some rough edges and open spots, which we intend to smooth out with the Feedback we hopefully receive.

Next to refining FOEX we also add some last minute Features, you’ll definitely like to have in Version 1.0.

So far the Feedback we received in the Beta Signups has been overwhelming. We would like to thank all of you for the nice words and your trust in us. All of us are working hard to bring a production Release of FOEX to you which will hopefully has all the Features you are waiting for to build even better Applications with Oracle APEX.

The Beta Signup is still open. So if you are interested in using FOEX to build Applications or your Company is interested in becoming an Implementation Partner, then please head over and sign up or simply drop us a note.

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