Beta Testing Progress Update

Despite it being summer and vacation time we are busier than ever before working on the final release of FOEX.

We would like to thank those of you who are helping us in the third round of beta tests, and we’ll be starting Beta# 4 shortly (keep any eye on your mailbox next week). These tests have been very important for us, not only do we try to find the last bugs, but we also get feedback on how user/developer friendly the plugins are.

With all the feedback gathered so far we have had the chance to do some last improvements and bug fixes, with each beta round we’re getting closer to FOEX V1.0 . Of course we cannot give  you a exact date when that is going to happen, but we’re in competition with APEX 4.2 and are hoping that we’re the ones releasing first.

Not only is there a tonne of coding involved, Chris (our CEO) is extremely busy along with our lawyers currently setting up all kind of license agreements, contracts, licensing, partner program and much more. Once this has been finalized we will then be able to publicly advertise the  license model and price which everyone has been eagerly awaiting.

If you signed up for Beta testing and haven’t got an invitation just yet don’t give up hope. We will be sending you an invitation soon. Every round of Beta tests covers only a small group of testers so we can offer you the best assistance possible to help you discover the value FOEX can bring your development projects.


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