Customer Spotlight: IRCS inc.

The company

IRCS, Inc. is a leading business consulting and technology services firm, focused on the Behavioral Healthcare Industry. IRCS helps their clients plan investments in technology and design and implement projects that drive competitive advantage. IRCS manages critical applications to improve business performance.

Their deep understanding of technology, and the people who use it, combined with industry, design, and program management expertise, produces unparalleled value for their clients. The Behavioral Healthcare management software, Vireo, is one of the vehicles, which enable IRCS to create this value. IRCS, Inc. is located in Hibbing, Minnesota, serving clients in that state. Vireo is developed to work across state borders, to support organizations in North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

“It amazes me how quick it is to develop complex pages with FOEX!”

The application

Vireo is built in Oracle APEX 4.2 using the FOEX Plugin Framework. This application is built to replace the client / server version called Iris, that was based on Oracle Forms & Reports.

Vireo is a combination of several modules designed to reduce the time spent on administrative overhead. The application support ranges from online clinical documentation to billing.

One of the key requirements in the rebuild of the application is to have great information richness in the application screens. This is combined with the requirement to keep things looking the same. The FOEX desktop plugin enabled IRCS to meet these requirements.

IRCS-Screenshot final

The choices

Prior to choosing FOEX, IRCS evaluated the use of the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), Oracle Webforms, Standard Oracle APEX and Formspider. Where ADF and Web Forms quickly proved to be too complex, the Formspider toolkit lacked the ability to work together with Oracle APEX. COO Chris Freeman and Lead developer Shane Walker of IRCS first met FOEX CEO Peter Raganitsch at ODTUG KScope after they learned about the FOEX Plugin Framework during a web search. “It was only with the combination of the FOEX Plugin Framework that the puzzle could be completed.”

The combination of APEX with FOEX gave IRCS the tools and the features required to create the application that their customers needed. FOEX made it possible to create the entire application within an unprecedented timeframe and with just limited resources. The fact that the ability to run on premise as well as in the Cloud, is natively supported, is a unique selling point for the application.

“We are spoiled because we use FOEX!”

Working with FOEX

“We started out with a two week standard APEX training,” Chris Freeman explains, “and for FOEX we just completed the 2 day Developer Guide.” “In special situations it is required to create a vanilla APEX page and in those cases we find out how spoiled we are because we use FOEX!” according to Shane Walker. For support, IRCS primarily relies on the support forum. The interactive nature of the forum makes it a super fast and helpful tool for the developers of IRCS. “In most cases FOEX support exceeds our expectations,” Chris Freeman states.

“FOEX brought us to where we are today…”

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