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Building complex business applications is a time consuming and expensive process, but it doesn’t have to be. We know first hand, since this is what we have been doing for the past 7 years, whilst making the job simpler for our customers thanks to the continuing evolution of our plugin framework. We’ve been continuing to bring new concepts to APEX like:

  • Single Page Application Design
  • Declarative Drag & Drop Between Regions and Drag & Drop Reordering
  • Declarative Master Detail Support Across Region Types: Forms, Grids, Trees, Lists, Charts
  • Editable Tree Grids for Managing Hierarchical Data
  • AJAX Centric Components (including Forms)
  • Interactive SVG Drawings (Coming Soon)
  • Declarative Websocket Support (Coming Soon)

If you want to know first hand how these can help you to build new types of APEX applications or alternatively enhance your existing APEX applications then you can find us at the following events in the near future:

Nordic Tour
Sept 3rd-6th
Our CTO is presenting at 4 one day events in Scandinavia, starting in Copenhagen on the 3rd, Oslo on the 4th, Helsinki on the 5th, and Stockholm on the 6th.
Open World
Sept 16th-19th
The biggest Oracle conference of the year. It's a jam packed program in one of the best US cities. Our CEO Peter Raganitsch is attending, you can pre-book a meeting with him
Oct 4th
A free 1/2 day morning event in central Vienna. You learn first hand how you can easily extend APEX with FOEX and all the goodies it brings! It includes a free breakfast, how can you say no?
Nov 19th-22nd
Germany's biggest conference of the year. We have 3 presentations from 3 different team members. You can find the FOEX booth there stocked full of Red Bull and famous Austrian beers.
Dec 1st-4th
You can catch a presentation by our FOEX Team Member: Stefan Dobre. Stefan is a dedicated plugin and open source enthusiast. If you want to talk about plugins with him then do it over a beer, as he can talk... alot!

DOAG 2018


Nordic Tour 2019

You can find the full list of the 2019 Nordic 1 day APEX event agendas here:

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