FOEX 3.1.0 is now officially available

We are excited to announce the public release of FOEX 3.1.0 – the newest version for the FOEX Plugin Framework. The key improvements and new plugins introduced in this version are highlighted below:

Dropzone Upload Plugin

A new region-type plugin that allows you to upload multiple files via drag & drop to multiple destinations such as: table/view, an APEX collection or file system directory.

This component resizes automatically when the page layout changes and supports individual & bulk file removal, resizing images before upload, clear dropzone functionality and set file size limit & allowed file types.

FOEX 3.1.0 Dropzone plugin

Islamic (Hijri) Date Picker

FOEX 3.1.0 introduces a Hijri calendar date picker for those who need to display calendar dates in islamic format.

This component supports multi-month display, date range client-side validation across 2 page items (e.g. start/end date), automatic date conversion (Gregorian – Hijri) and works in both LTR and RTL modes.

FOEX 3.1.0 Hijri Calendar plugin

Multi-Select Grid Combo

A form-item plugin similar in functionality and behaviour to the FOEX Grid Combo with the added benefit of performing multiple selections, with easy selection removal.

This component enables you to automatically save selections to the Form plugin table or to a separate intersection table. It comes with regular dynamic action support, so you can set value, set read-only, enable/disable, styling or make any other dynamic changes to it.

FOEX 3.1.0 Grid Combo Multiselect plugin

Progress Item Plugin

This new component is ideal for tracking long-running processes or used as a static indicator to show the progress achieved on a specific task/activity.

It is supported in the toolbar, in a form, but also as an individual item outside the form. Additional functionality includes setting up custom texts, defining colors based on progress stage, automatically setting up a timer to execute progress tracking and update the bar, and setting up request limits & custom intervals.

FOEX 3.1.0 Progress Bar plugin

Return/Display Item Plugin

This is a component familiar to Forms developers. It allows you to enter the ID value of a list of values to locate the record and set the display value without having to open the picker. Of course if the ID is not know the record can be queried within the grid picker. Functionality/Setup wise it is very similar to the Grid Combo, including the option for setting other page items on selection.

FOEX 3.1.0 Return/Display Item plugin

Icon Button Item Plugin

Building on top of Font Awesome/Font APEX, you can now define icons, resize and place them either in a toolbar or a form.

This component also allows you to set custom icon size, adding help text, setting up active/disabled colors and to use icons in read-only mode.

FOEX 3.1.0 Icon Button Item plugin

Other Notable Improvements of FOEX 3.1.0

Grid/Tree Grid

  • Client side validations are now enforced before saving, reducing the number of AJAX calls and returning the server side validation failures.
  • Select Row dynamic action now supports selecting multiple rows. You can locate the rows to select using an index range, all rows, or a column/value search on either an exact, partial, or regular expression pattern match.
  • Refresh Row dynamic action now supports refreshing multiple rows. You can locate the rows to refresh using current selected rows, an index range, or using a column/value search on either an exact, partial, or regular expression match.


  • Page-Level Read-Only conditions are now supported
  • Authorizations using Component ID for fine grained access control is now supported


  • Define the notification title & message using a JavaScript expression


  • Combo Multiselect now enterable with typeahead support
  • Defining LOV’s based on PLSQL Function returning SQL String is now supported

Content Loader

  • Easy Icon/Title/ID definition using “data-xxxx” attributes on report links, anchor links etc.


  • New close tab(s) dynamic action. You can locate the tabs to close using an id/text search on either an exact, partial, or regular expression pattern match.


The release also contains many minor improvements and bug fixes for version 3.0.1, which you can check in our change log.


If you are interested in seeing FOEX 3.1.0 in action, login to your existing workspace on our trial environment, or sign up for a free trial here:

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