FOEX at Kscope 12

Matt and me (Peter) had the big pleasure to attend this years Kscope 12 Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

What we found there was an amazing well organized conference with world class speakers and a great audience. If you have never been to Kscope and are interested in technical stuff and world class information, then you should check out next years Kscope in New Orleans.

Together (although Matt did all the work and I just joked around) we gave a Presentation about “Forms Can Do That, Why Can’t You Make APEX Do That?” where we talked about how to create a Framework of APEX Plugins which work together and what you’ll have to keep in mind, which techniques apply, lessons learned and so on.

More important than that were the countless conversations with fellow APEX devotees and the feedback we received from them. People are eager to get their hands on FOEX Plugins and we have a big queue of Beta Test signups.

To give you an update on where things currently are: the first round of Beta Testing has been completed and we are currently processing the input which we received. Whilst we process, bug fix, and enhance we are preparing for the second round – starting soon. We will be inviting more participants in the second round so hopefully we won’t be disappointing too many people this time.

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