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Even before we started out with the FOEX Plugin Framework, we created a browser addon to improve the APEX Application Builder. Making things better and easier to use is the core of everything we do.

A long time ago we noticed that the APEX Application Builder was missing some features, so we added them through a browser addon. Back then, this was called the ApexLib APEX Developer Addon and added features like Code Syntax Highlighting, Keyboard Shortcuts, an improved Search Box, and much more to APEX starting with Version 4.0

In 2012, when we first released the FOEX Plugin Framework, we added more FOEX specific functionality and released the browser addon as the FOEX Developer Addon, or FDA in short. Those new features are mainly (one step) wizards to create new FOEX pages or FOEX regions, and an optimization of the way some settings are displayed in the Application Builder.

Then APEX 5.0 came along and we found some things to improve there as well, all in the one browser addon. It finds out which APEX version and which FOEX version (if any) it runs, and enables/disables features accordingly. See some examples:

FOEX Developer Addon - APEX 4.2


FOEX Developer Addon - APEX 5.0


With APEX 5 we also started to provide special keyboard shortcuts. In the example below we open the help screen simply by typing the word “help”. Then, we change to List of Values by typing “glo” and finally to APEX Lists with “gli”. All those shortcuts work anywhere, as long as the cursor is not inside an input field, which you can exit by hitting Esc.

FOEX Developer Addon - APEX 5.0 keyboard shortcuts


Now if the FOEX Developer Addon detects you are in an application equipped with the FOEX plugins, you get some additional features and buttons on the screen:

FOEX Developer Addon - APEX 5.0 page


FOEX Developer Addon - APEX 5.0 region


We also love APEX so much, we put a bug in it, to make debugging a page easier 🙂

FOEX Developer Addon - APEX 5.0


Hope to sparked a bit of interest, now head over to and get the addon for Google Chrome or Firefox.

We are going to add more and more interesting features, not only for our FOEX Plugins, but for all types of APEX applications, so stay tuned!

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