FOEX End of Year Discount

The current year is going to an end, a new year is waiting around the corner. A great time to celebrate that with a…

20% Discount on the FOEX Plugin Framework

Every Purchase between December 12th and January 18th is saving on 20% on the Plugin Price.

So whether you still have Budget this year, or you touch next years Budget you save an amazing 20% on the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Why should I purchase FOEX?

The FOEX Plugin Framework gives you Features you’ve missed in Oracle APEX for a long time. Editable Datagrids, Master-Detail-Relations, everything AJAX driven (no Page submits), great Screen Real Estate Management with Tabs, Accordions and much more.

If you haven’t done, you should definitely take a look at our Demos or get yourself aWorkspace on our Demo-Environment to see what we’ve got.

V1.1 is right around the corner, and includes new plugins like the Desktop plugin, single file submits via Ajax, Multiselect combo, Wizard Layout & Progress, Message Boxes, plus many improvements.

Don’t forget: with our Support Option you’ll receive free upgrades und updates.

Purchasing the FOEX Plugin Framework

If you are interested in purchasing the FOEX Plugin Framework please fill in this Order-Form, we’ll get in touch and talk to you about the next steps in the Order Process.

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