A brief introduction to the FOEX Multiselect Grid Combo

One of the new features introduced in FOEX 3.1 is the FOEX Multiselect Grid Combo – a form-item plugin similar in functionality and behavior to the FOEX Grid Combo. 

This component does not limit you to making one selection, rather it enables the selection of multiple records from a LOV. Let’s have a look:

FOEX Multiselect Grid Combo


The grid in the picker is a full-featured grid which supports:

  • sorting,
  • filtering,
  • column reorganization,
  • pagination and so on.

It is ideal when displaying a big data set, as the integrated search functionality is supposed the help narrow down the visible entries.

Additional configuration parameters through which you can modify the settings of the grid include:

  • changing width,
  • showing row numbers,
  • choose whether the focus should be put on the search field when the picker is expanded etc.

If you are already familiar with our Grid Combo, the setup for this component will be very familiar to you: specify the columns to hide, the return value column, display value column, sort column of your grid, your SQL query and that is all.

Note: It is possible to collapse the grid when an entry is selected but this option is set by default to false by default, mostly because the nature of this plugin is to select more records at a time, thus it would be contra-productive in most cases to have the picker collapse after every selection.


This plugin also supports loading and saving data into intersection tables (the data will be automatically normalized and loaded into a child/intersection table of your choice). 

You can also set the Primary Key and Foreign Key mapping and as an optional feature you can save additional data into the child/intersection table by using an ITEM_NAME:COLUMN_NAME reference.

This component comes with the regular dynamic action support, so you can set:

  • value,
  • read-only,
  • enable/disable,
  • styling or make any other dynamic changes to it.


To learn more about its usage please visit the FOEX Multiselect Grid Combo demo page in the FOEX Documentation, under the FOEX Examples / Cookbook section.

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