FOEX Plugin Framework RC1

This week we updated our Beta-Instance on with Release Candidate 1 of our FOEX Plugin Framework and invited another bunch of the signed up Beta-Testers to participate.

As everyone knows having a Software Product in RC-Mode means the Final Version cannot be far away anymore.  Our current Task is working on some Bugfixes and – mainly – on Documentation and some Demos.

Having a complete Documentation, Demos and Tutorials (as in Step-by-Step Instructions on How to build Application with FOEX) is the basis for our Users to start developing their Business Applications with the FOEX Plugin Framework.

At the same time we know that the best Documentation is never good enough, Users will have Questions and cannot find the Answers in the Documentation. That is why we set up a public FOEX Q&A Website at . This isn’t a typical forum where one starts a thread and gets some replies, this is a Community driven Site providing Answers for Questions, with the Q&A as main focus – not the thread.

That means Questions can be edited if not provided clear and precise enough and the Result will be an accepted Answer with up/down-votes from the Community. Using that principle we avoid having threads over threads dealing with the same Topic. One Question -> one Answer.

Feel free to ask whatever FOEX related Questions on our Q&A-Site. The FOEX Development Team will monitor the Questions and provide answers as well, but in general anyone can answer any questions.

In our upcoming Blogpost next Week we will tell you a little bit more about what you can do with the FOEX Plugin Framework, which Use-Cases are a good fit and why you will love it.

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