FOEX Plugins Beta Test

The FOEX Beta Tests are to take place on a hosted Oracle APEX Installation at .

For the first run you will need to be invited, as we want to ensure best possible support for all our Participants, which – of course – can be done only for a limited number.

To sign up for the Beta Test please go to our Website and fill in the Form.

Our most important goal is to create a Framework that is easy to use. Using just the Oracle APEX Application Builder you will be able to build beautiful and secure Applications amazingly FAST!

While that sounds like a slogan (in fact it is our slogan) it reflects best what we set out to achieve when we first started building the Plugin framework. And over 12 months later it is still exactly the same as what we think today.

Once you are up to speed with using our Plugins you’ll suddenly see that more and more complex Applications can be built with Oracle APEX.

Of course this really is a beta test and there will be some things you may encounter that don’t work the way you would expect or are simply buggy. As official Beta Tester you’ll get access to our FOEX Support Application where you can easily file a Bug, Feature Request, and if you want? give your Opinion on what you’ve experienced.

The nature of a hosted Platform gives us the possibility to react very fast and provide constant bug fixes and support in investigating odd behaviour.

If you think you can help us polish and test drive FOEX before the official downloadable Release (which will be soon, once everything is ready), please don’t hesitate to Sign Up for Beta Test.


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