Introducing the new FOEX Support Portal

One of the – if not the one – most important things here at FOEX is to provide quality support for our users.

We want everyone to be able to understand and work with our plugins as efficient as possible and to achieve that we go to great lengths, as you can see on our free forum or you might have experienced in remote sessions and web meetings.

Today we are very proud to launch the new FOEX Support Portal – the go-to resource for everyone who is currently working with FOEX, both as a partner or customer.

It is also a nice showcase for the upcoming FOEX v3.0, as you can see in the screenshots below. Downloading several FOEX versions, hotfixes and patches can be done in the download center:

FOEX Support Portal - Downloads

Everyone in your company developing with FOEX can be registered and get access to this portal to log tickets, get support and download patches.

FOEX Support Portal - Users

Logging support tickets is now easier than ever. Simply click “Create Ticket” to submit a new service request and get our attention immediately.

FOEX Support Portal - Tickets

There are many other great features that FOEX 3.0 will introduce and we are eagerly looking forward to showcase them as soon as the release is out. All I can say for the moment is that it looks great and it isn’t far away!

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