FOEX V1.1 – Coming soon

Just a quick post to announce that Version 1.1 of the FOEX Plugin Framework will be released in the coming weeks. We’re in the process of running some final tests and improving the documentation and demos.

In V1.1 you can expect support for APEX 4.2.1 plus…

More Plugins

The number of Plugins within the FOEX Plugin Framework has increased to 80. This is an increase of more than 25% compared to V1.0. Highlights include:


The Desktop Region Plugin lets you easily create a virtual Desktop where your Applications and/or Pages can be started as Desktop-Icons or from a Start-Menu. This gives you a very nice frame around multiple Applications.
Lets say your employees come to work in the morning, the start their PC/Notebook and then they simply run your virtual Desktop-Application which gives them access to whatever other App they need.
Simply base the Desktop on an existing APEX List or DB table/view and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

Single File Submit

In V1.0 we released a multiple file upload plugin but wasn’t suited for single form records with blob columns. In V1.1 we’ve introduced a new single file submit plugin which uploads your files on CREATE and UPDATE requests and stores it inline in your form record. This is a 100% AJAX implementation.

Combo Multiselect

A multi select plugin which allows you to easily add, remove, and visualize your selections. It has cascading LOV, and AJAX validation support and is refreshable by the standard APEX Refresh dynamic action. It also includes the option to automatically process selections to a child/intersection table on all form CRUD operations.

Message Box

A convenient way to show messages and dialogs to your users. It has several options to tailor your type of dialog e.g.  alerts, message prompts, loading/processing/progress dialogs, and even lets you accept user input.

In General

We also have a new Wizard Progress plugin, Wizard layout, new dynamic actions for the Grid, Tree Grid and Form plugins, plus others. Not to mention many functional improvements and enhancements and a long list of  Bug fixes.

Release Date V1.1

Whilst we’re not able to give you an exact date, we can tell you that we are planning to release v1.1 very soon. Just before the public release we will be upgrading our hosted test instance to APEX 4.2.1 and V1.1, so keep an eye out for when that happens and get an early preview of the framework and demo’s in action.

Don’t forget our Christmas and New Year special is still running: if you’re quick and place your Order for the FOEX Plugin Framework before January 18th you’ll save 20% on the License Fee.

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