FOEX v2.1.0 Public Release (APEX 5 Support)

We’re pleased to announce the release of FOEX v2.1.0 for Oracle APEX. With this release we now support APEX 5.0.x and still providing backward compatibility for APEX 4.2.x. Sign Up and try it now!

Page Designer

We have redeveloped our browser extension (The FOEX Developer Addon) to work seamlessly within the page designer when APEX 5 is detected. Create FOEX regions the same way you’re already familiar with through our Dialog interface or use the new Drag & Drop functionality of the page designer. You can choose the workflow that best suits you.

FOEX v2.1.0 - APEX 5

FOEX Developer Addon (FDA)


As for our base template applications, we’ve now removed support for theme 24 and 25 in APEX 5 and now include only the Universal Theme 42. This means you can get the very best out of APEX and FOEX by using the best features available. Even the little things like the ability to use Font Awesome will greatly improve the applications you can build.

New Features

Other highlights from the release include a new CKEditor plugin with image browser support. Using this plugin you can upload images to a destination table of your choice with supporting folder structure for easy organization, and simply add these images within your HTML content. For displaying the raw HTML with image support you can use our new CKEditor Viewer plugin which will automatically take care the image references/downloads for you.

FOEX v2.1.0 CKEditor

FOEX CKEditor Plugin


The Image browser supports multiple file upload, multi-select drag & drop file re-organization, live preview, sorting, and filtering.

FOEX v2.1.0 Custom Image Browser for the CKEditor

FOEX Custom Image Browser for the CKEditor


Other notable inclusions in this release are:

  • A new Scrollable Pagination Scheme for the Grid
  • Horizontal and vertically stacked layouts now support fixed regions sizes and scrolling
  • Plus a number of minor enhancements and bug fixes

In Summary

Upgrading to APEX 5 introduces a lot of advantages for the FOEX Plugin Framework. The page designer really boosts your productivity building applications and little things like the FDA being able to create the FOEX Form and all the item plugins without reloading the page designer is something we think you’ll appreciate.

You can find the full list of changes for the FOEX v2.1.0 release here.

Next on the horizon is FOEX v2.2.0 which will focus on simplifying master detail and master detail detail setup, editable tree grids, and other improvements. We also have a new Calendar plugin coming soon which will be similar to Google Calendar in features with the added bonus of Calendar Event recurrence support which you won’t find in standard APEX.

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