FOEX v2.2.0 Public Release

FOEX v2.2.0

FOEX v2.2.0 for Oracle Application Express (APEX) is now available. Seems like not long ago we were just talking about the improvements brought by FOEX v2.1.0 which added support for APEX 5, but as you have probably seen by now last week we officially launched FOEX v2.2.0.

We’ve worked hard throughout the last couple of months to ensure that we don’t just deliver an improved version of the FOEX Plugin Framework, but that we also enable you to further enhance your applications by using new plugins and better controls.

So, without further ado and in addition to fixing a number of known bugs (check our Change Log), here’s what else you’ll see in FOEX v2.2.0:


Master Detail Dynamic Action

Using this new dynamic action you will be able to create master detail relationships between grids, forms, tree grids, charts, big numbers, and list views. In other words, starting with FOEX v2.2.0 you can create any type of simple or complex relations such as:

  • Master -> Detail
  • Master Multiple Details e.g. Master -> Detail, Detail, Detail, Detail
  • Master -> Detail -> Detail (MDD) relations
  • Even MDDD, or MDDDD.

FOEX v2.2 Master-Detail relation

In this example the master is a Tree Grid which drives a regular Grid (on the left) and a Chart (on the right).


Grid Multiselection

Select multiple rows and store the selections in colon delimited list within a page item of your choice. Use the selections to perform PLSQL actions against.


Grid Cascading LOV Capability

This new version of the FOEX Plugin Framework enables you to perform cascading LOV support. Simply reference the dependent grid column in your query and specify the column name in the “Cascading LOV Parent”  attribute for the grid column and that’s it.


Editable Tree Grid

FOEX v2.2.0 brings editable tree grid support with a similar functionality to the grid plugin with cell or row editing capability with drag & drop support.


Multiple File Upload Improvements

We have enhanced the multiple file upload plugin to allow you to upload files to the file system and APEX collections. You can also upload larger files now thanks to uploading files in chunks.


New plugins: Big Number & Splitter

The big number plugin has been designed to show one or two numeric values. This plugin behaves similar to the list view where you can set page items with record information and it also comes with context menu support.FOEX v2.2.0 - Big Number Plugin

Big Number example

The splitter region on the other hand enables you to customise the page view within the application, as you can see in the below example:

FOEX Splitter Region


What’s Next?

Although FOEX v2.2.0 was just released, we know that our work is far from done. Based on the exceptional feedback we got in the pre-launch phase of v2.2.0 combined with our vision for the future of the FOEX Plugin Framework enabled us shape already how FOEX v3.0 will look like.

While it’s too early to give a precise description of what’s coming up next, I can say that for FOEX v3.0 we’ll be focusing on updating several key features of our framework, providing more flexibility and functionality to developers. Among other enhancements we’ll upgrade to the latest version of Ext JS 6, provide tablet support, a new triton theme, and improved keyboard navigation.


If you don’t have a FOEX account yet, sign up for a free trial and see why it is a great tool for developing complex applications with Oracle’s best kept secret: Application Express (APEX)!

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