FOS 21.2 Release: 4 New Plug-ins & Enhancements

The 5th FOS Release 21.2 has finally arrived with official APEX 21.2 support, 4 new plug-ins, and several enhancements.
For transparency purposes we acknowledge the fact that this release is quite late after the official release of APEX 21.2.
One of the main reasons behind the delay was our involvement in building the community project apexd2d, which was a great initiative to be a part of. The other being that we didn’t find any compatibility issues with using the 21.1 plug-ins in 21.2.

With this latest release, there’s now 25 FREE plug-ins in our open source suite. Now if you’re too eager to continue reading about what’s new then just head over to to download and install them, otherwise please keep reading:

New Plug-ins


It’s now super easy to show tooltips based on static or dynamic content with this dynamic action plug-in. You’ve got lots of control over placement, styling, and content using escaped text or HTML markup. Add tooltips to buttons, list items, report headers and rows, virtually anything that is visible on the page.


Progress Bar

It’s a new item plug-in offering you a visually impressive and flexible way to display progress within your APEX applications. You can customize the display type, colors, animations, messages, automated refreshing, and more….



Looking to block your users from interacting with the page whilst you’re doing some processing? this is the plug-in for you. You can mask a region or the entire page whilst choosing the type of spinner icon you would like to display.


Date Picker Eraser

It’s our most basic created plug-in so far with a single function. To simply give your users the ability to clear the date picker value.


What’s Changed

  • FOS – Interactive Grid – Process Rows: New option to automatically deselect every row in the grid, after processing.
  • FOS – Message Actions: Option to automatically dismiss error/success messages.
  • FOS – Static Content: Region source can be defined in the native source attribute.
  • FOS – Image Slider: More control over autoplay, extended JavaScript API.
  • FOS – Advanced Password: Conditionally render password rules (More about it on GitHub).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: FOS – Interactive Grid Process Rows: If an IG has more than one report, only the default report’s rows are processed. Read more on GitHub.
  • Fixed: FOS – Execute PL/SQL Code: Submitting CLOB from JavaScript variable does not work with nested objects. Read more on GitHub.
  • Fixed: FOS – Range Slider: Miscalculation with different timezones.

In Summary

With 25 plug-ins in the FOS suite, we’re pretty confident there should be a use case for one of them at least in every app you build. So head over to to download and install them and save yourself some time whilst giving you that peace of mind that you’re using something supported and documented.

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