FOS Browser Extension 22.1

We’re happy to announce the next release of the FOS Browser Extension, now with APEX 22.1 compatibility. This release includes several improvements and a handy new feature.

APEX 22.1 compatibility

You can now enjoy all the advantages this extension provides in the newest version of APEX, for further details about other features introduced in our previous release your can read about them here.

New Feature: “Comment Out”

A common method to temporarily remove a component from a page is in Page Designer to set the “Server Side Condition” to “Never”, whilst storing the existing condition code in a place like the comments section to later reinstate. Did you know that there’s a better way to achieve the same result?

The secret is by using a Build Option! From +21.1, APEX comes with a default Build Option called “Commented Out” which when used will exclude the component from the page during render. The benefit of using this approach over a Server Side Condition is that you can leave the server condition in place and avoid the overhead of saving any code to later reinstate. Build options are used far less than server side conditions and are simpler to use for this purpose.

This new feature injects a new entry into the context menu – “Comment Out”/”Uncomment” – clicking this menu item quickly toggles the Build Option of the selected component(s).


As you can see it in the above video, it supports single and multi selection, even across different component types, too.


Upgraded “Items To Submit Autofill” feature

We improved the page item detection method within your SQL when automatically updating “Page Items to Submit” and have also added a toggle entry to the Settings menu to easily disable/enable the feature e.g.

Upgraded Monaco Editor

For the best user experience, we’ve upgraded to the latest version of the Monaco Editor, so you can benefit from the latest and greatest features it offers (and any bug fixes too)

In Summary

If you have any suggestions of where you think you are losing time and have an idea how it could be improved, let us know, and hopefully we can add it to our extension to help you and others be that little bit more productive.

Available in Chrome and Mozilla.

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