FOS Plug-in Support, how does it work?

We recently released 10 free open source plug-ins for Oracle APEX. We provide both free and paid support for these plug-ins, but how does it all work?

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Release Schedule

We plan to release a version of FOS plug-ins after every APEX release. The minimum APEX version requirement will be APEX 19.2. The first version of FOS that we released was 20.1, which supports both APEX 19.2 and 20.1. The next scheduled release of APEX is 20.2, therefore we will release version 20.2 of FOS, which we guarantee compatibility for 19.2, 20.1, and 20.2. We will continue to release a version of FOS for every version of APEX.


Free Support

All free support will be done through GitHub. If you encounter a bug or have a problem we kindly ask that you raise a GitHub issue and we will provide a prompt response. For serious issues that affect the ability to use the plug-in, we will address and resolve these immediately. For small issues and minor improvement requests these will most likely wait until the next major release of both APEX & FOS. Free support entitles you to:

  1. Create GitHub Issues
  2. You can fork the plug-in and provide your own fix and issue a “Pull Request


Paid Support

For companies that would like a support guarantee and the ability to have direct contact with our FOS team, you can sign up for our annual support subscription for a meagre 1000 EUR/Year. Paid support entitles you to:

  1. You will have access to our support portal and access to all patches/hot fixes
  2. You can raise a support ticket through our support portal
  3. We guarantee a fast response and expedited bug fixes
  4. We will prioritise your enhancement and new plug-in requests
  5. Your financial contribution will help us grow the number of plug-ins we provide


In Summary

There’s shouldn’t be anything stopping you from using these plug-ins in your application. Whether your application is commercial, closed or open source. They will remain free and you will have support for them for the lifetime of your application. Whilst there’s the old saying “there’s no free lunch”, well there are “free plug-ins” instead 🙂

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