Free 1/2 Day APEX Event with Shakeeb Rahman and Dan McGhan

Do you want to find out some interesting insights into the APEX Universal theme, learn more about Javascript and how you can leverage it in APEX?

Then make sure you’re in Vienna, Austria on the 21st of April. Located at the Oracle office in central Vienna, with a view like this, how could you miss it?

Oracle Office in Vienna


With the AAApeks conference in close proximity in Maribor, we have been fortunate enough to additionally organize both Shakeeb Rahman from the APEX team and an Dan McGhan the Oracle Javascript evangelist, to present at this free half day event. Expect some serious Javascript, CSS, and Design explanations from these experts.



13:00 – Start and Intro – Peter Raganitsch (FOEX)

13:15 – Getting Started With JavaScript For APEX Developers – Dan McGhan (Oracle)

14:00 – Break

14:10 – Getting Started With JavaScript For APEX Developers – Dan McGhan (Oracle)

14:55 – Break

15:15 – Universal Theme deep dive – Shakeeb Rahman (Oracle)

16:00 – Break

16:10 – Applying your corporate look and feel to Universal Theme – Shakeeb Rahman (Oracle)

16:55 – Break

17:00 – Q&A

17:30 – End


That’s right folks, we will say it again, it’s free, you just have to register & show up! That should be pretty easy to convince the boss? or have a day off work? shouldn’t it? 🙂

P.S. why not make it a week off work and also attend APEX Alpe Adria in Maribor on the 24th of April. A couple of days in Vienna and a couple in Maribor, combine some work & sightseeing & fun at the same time!

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