Performing a grid refresh in FOEX from another page

We’re recently stumbled upon the following question: How to perform a grid refresh from another page in FOEX?

To describe the issue a little better, here’s the expected behaviour:

  • There is a grid with order lines, where the user is able to attach a document to these lines.
  • Different icons are used to show if the documents have been attached or not (a foexactioncolumn with 2 values) – the icons on the last column of the screenshot below

Refresh Grid

  • When the user clicks an attachment icon, a popup window is opened to add or delete attachments (this is a different page in the application, opened with “FOEX Window Open plugin”)
  • After closing the popup, the grid should be refreshed to show the correct icons.


Here’s how we suggest solving this: when you open a window using the “Window Open” dynamic action, if you want to reference it in a dynamic action you need to give it a unique ID:

FOEX Window Open static ID


You then need to create your dynamic action to listen to the close (on the page it was opened from) and perform the refresh:

FOEX Window Open static ID dynamic action


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