How to mimic the APEX Builder profile menu with FOEX plugins

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  • Nazeer Ahamed Reply

    Hi Matt,

    I am not getting the profile picture on following this blog. I know that I am missing something related to image source.
    How can I come over it?

    1. Can you please tell us, what we need write in Dynamic action of P7110_PROFILE page item?
    2. Do we need to have FOEX Display Image Plugin in type for P7111_PROFILE_IMAGE? If Yes, in which region? Do we need to create this page item in another page 7111 Since its name starts with P7111?
    3. Do we need to write anything on XTemplate?

    • Matt Nolan Reply

      For apex_util.get_blob_file_src to work you need an APEX file browse item that is within a form which has an associated Automatic Row Processing process.

      In our example Page 7111 is a regular APEX page with a regular APEX form created by the builder with “UPDATE” capability. We based the form Primary Key on ROWID and use just the two page items i.e. PK page item and the file browse item based on the BLOB column.

      Also P7110_PROFILE is a separate button (actually a FOEX cycle Button) for our demo to show switching the profile, it’s purely for demo purposes and not something we would think belongs in an application. Since the profile is the current user of the application.

      You can change the XTemplate according to your own requirements, if you do not change it then it will appear exactly like the demo. We suggest changing it since your application probably does not have workspaces.

  • Nazeer Ahamed Reply

    Thanks for the Input. It’s working fine.

  • Hikmat Reply

    Thank you very much for your help.

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