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Having reached our version 1.0 milestone the work has now begun to spread the FOEX message. In order to do this we’re working closely with specialist APEX development companies who share in our vision to bring a new rich user experience to APEX.

Please welcome Itium and MT AG as the first FOEX Implementation Partners. Both have been supporting us from the very beginning and have been involved in our Beta Tests providing valuable input and feedback.

At FOEX we defined the concept of Implementation Partners from the very start as an important role in being a regional Contact for FOEX Customers. Our Implementation Partners provide consulting for their Customers on how and where FOEX Plugins can help, and in addition provide specialist assistance during development and post production release. All our partners receive specialist training from our core development team as well as having direct access to the team in order to provide first rate support.

With the help of our Partners, we can keep our focus on improving the FOEX Plugin Framework whilst still ensuring our customers still benefit from having very experienced APEX Developers and Consultants to help get the best results out of APEX and FOEX.

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