Firstly, this is somewhat of an emotional post, even though it’s under the company banner. I used to love blogging but I rarely have the time to do so. I miss it, but once in a while I get inspired. Today is one of those days.

I just gave a talk at the Australian User Group (AUSOUG) about using open source plug-ins in APEX. Ok, my presentation probably sounds a bit like a snooze fest, and I’m not one who enjoys presenting, but with all that said: how did it go? Better than I could have expected. Why? because I felt inspired by the work we have been doing of late.

Some Background First

You have to love the redesign of apex.oracle.com. It looks really nice, they paid a lot of attention to detail, but the most striking thing about the landing page is this statement:


But, Can APEX go even faster?

Yes it can!

How you might ask?

One word: Plug-ins

Of course there are those that might object:

  • plug-ins aren’t safe
  • we don’t know what they do
  • they might stop our app from being upgraded in the future
  • we’re not allowed to use them

Those are all fearful statements. What’s the simple answer to them in one word?


You just need someone to support them/you. Someone you can rely on to be there, not just tomorrow but in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years.

It could be one or a handful of rockstar developers in your company. It could be an existing company that you already have a relationship with. But if you don’t have either of those, then we can be that company!

It’s what we do!

We have been building plug-ins since their inception, in business since 2012 and having a team dedicated to their support and the continual building of more. We will be here in 5 years, and we can tackle the most complex problems and love every minute of it. How many companies have their leaders “all in” on APEX and “all in” on APEX plug-ins? I don’t think there’s many….

When we first started our business we started by selling commercial plug-ins. Why? Well, to survive longer than a couple of weeks you need to make money. That’s not an easy game, but we did it, and we have some faithful customers that have been with us from the start and others that have joined along the way. This also made us the black sheep of the community. We were trying to sell you something.

Fast forward to 2020 and we’ve been able to keep building plug-ins this whole time. As a company our entire team is “all in” on APEX. We have to tell our team to not work too much, as it has become one their hobbies too as they really love what they do. We’ve found some real diamonds!

As a team, we’re passionate about filling the gaps in APEX. We do this for the people who fall into these gaps and want to get out. This is why we have released open source APEX plug-ins that are free to use. We want to help as many as possible, and since the work is already done, it’s better that they get used by a lot of people than just a few.

Check out our free APEX plug-ins and free APEX Builder Extension to manage your application and workspace, theme, and plugin files.


There are now 275 plug-ins on apex.world and we’re now contributing 15 of those, with another bunch to come shortly. We also support another 15 or so from other plug-in developers with more to be included in the future. We feel like part of the community again, as we’re not solely trying to sell you something. We want to help you and if you need it? give you our support. We want you to do even more with APEX. It’s the same development tool we love, just like you. We’re on the same team. Let’s build more plug-ins. Let’s build applications faster, let’s do it with APEX, and let’s continue to show the other Oracle developer communities why APEX rules!

In Summary

2020 is winding down, it’s been one for the record books and not for all the right reasons. We’re looking forward to 2021 and we will be bringing out a bunch of new plug-ins in the coming months to make APEX even greater, and we hope there’s a bunch of you doing the same. Tune into apex.world to keep an eye on what’s coming.

See you online or hopefully in person at a conference in 2021!

P.S. If you’re wondering about my choice of blog title, it comes from this “Tropic Thunder” clip (background music). I’m pretty sure I heard “low low low low low low code” 🙂

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