Meet FOEX 3.0 – a declarative enterprise RAD tool with modern UI

It is our great pleasure to announce the public availability of FOEX 3.0 – a major release and important milestone for our company. It’s so amazing to see all the hard work from the past year combined with the great feedback received from our customers, being transformed into a great low-code RAD tool with a significantly improved UI.

FOEX 3.0 new look

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, with FOEX 3.0 you can create large-scale business applications (those types of applications with complex functionality which in the past would have been built only by a team of highly skilled developers) declaratively and add a modern UI on top.

In other words, any developer with PL/SQL knowledge can use FOEX 3.0 to build both the client-side and server-side of their applications declaratively and provide an great UX to their end users.


The challenges of enterprise application development

One of the great things about FOEX3.0 is that it addresses two big challenges that businesses face with application development: the growing pressure to stay relevant & competitive by modernizing their portfolio of solutions and the increasing difficulty in finding skilled IT talent to maintain applications that have been built using technologies from 10-20 years ago.


Taking a closer look at FOEX 3.0

To address these main challenges (and many others which derive from them) our latest release includes a series of improvements and new capabilities meant to accelerate the time you need to build and deploy to production an enterprise-grade web application. These include:

  1. Support for touch-screen devices. Yes, we’re primarily looking at running applications on tablet devices, but depending on how your app is built, you can also run it on a smaller device, such as a smartphone.
  2. Improved UX. When talking about enterprise-grade applications, adding a modern UI is not necessarily on anyone’s list of top priorities. By upgrading to Sencha ExtJS 6.2 we’ve made it simple for you to use high-performance UI components to design visually compelling web applications.
  3. New Themes. FOEX 3.0 comes with new themes meant to improve accessibility and facilitate an easier navigation in your applications.
  4. Grid Enhancements. This new release makes the FOEX Grid even more powerful by introducing new functionality such as: multiple search, expander rows, column multisort and drag & drop tab re-ordering.
  5. Keyboard Navigation. For our power-users, especially for those who have an Oracle Forms background, we’ve worked on improving our keyboard navigation features to help speed up development.

These improvements, combined with the multiple enhancements brought to existing components, make FOEX 3.0 the ideal declarative RAD tool for businesses of all sizes who look for ways to modernize their IT ecosystem using limited resources.

Furthermore, with FOEX 3.0 we introduce our new documentation application, guided tours to help you get started with the FOEX Plugin Frameworks and a new theme customization service. I’ll go in more detail about each of them my next blog articles.

Until then, go see FOEX 3.0 in action and sign up for a free trial:

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