Oracle buys FOEX

Now that the deal is officially closed, we are super excited to announce that our entire team is joining Oracle. It’s 10 years a handful of months since we started FOEX with the idea of extending APEX with additional features and capabilities. We’ve learnt a lot along the way through both our successes and failures and can’t wait to contribute our efforts to make APEX even better.

It’s been a dream for us to be in this position and now that it’s reality, well it’s taking time for it to sink in. We’re starting a new phase of our journey and one where we can make a much bigger impact and help many more people.

For our existing customers, you’ll be hearing from us personally to explain everything. But don’t worry as we will continue supporting our software into the future whilst helping improve APEX so that you can do most of what you need APEX to do natively.

Dream big, work hard, and make your own luck!

In the immortalized words of this great community: #LetsWreckThisTogether

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