Pre-Order the FOEX Plugin Framework

Today we are happy to announce that we are starting to take Orders for the FOEX Plugin Framework. Read more about our License model, Support and Prices.

Pre-Order before September 21 2012 and get a 20% discount on the License Price !

Thanks to the Beta Tests we were able to fix some bugs and get some useful feedback on how to improve usability and functionality of the Plugin Framework. Next week we are planning to deploy FOEX RC1 on our Beta-System and invite some more people to give it a try.

As there are still some legal things going on behind the scenes (who would have thought of so much paperwork?) we are still not able to reveal the actual publishing date, but as you can see on the current announcements we are getting close

You may have noticed that our Release will overlap with the Release of Oracle APEX 4.2. That means FOEX Plugin Framework V1.0 will not have support for APEX 4.2, we plan to integrate that in V1.1 which is expected to be released not too long after APEX 4.2 is released.

What else is going on behind the scenes? Well… we had to postpone the upgrade to Ext JS 4.1.1 as there are one or two things that we found in our tests that we thought needed more time to work out. That doesn’t mean either Ext JS or our Plugins do something wrong or buggy, it is a matter of fine tuning Ext JS to ensure that the way we use it performs optimally since performance is one of our top priorities.

Our team is currently working on Documentation and a number of  Tutorials, we will also have to re-record all Training Videos as we have made improvements to the plugins and a number of attribute changes which translates into fewer steps implementing the Plugins.

So if you are interested in FOEX Plugins, get to the contact page and get in touch you only have a short time to wait before v1.0 is released and to take advantage of the pre-order discount!

Here’s a preview of a few things that are possible with FOEX:

Grid Validations

Multiple Forms & Reports per Page

Forms can have child regions, e.g. grids, layouts etc.

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