We’re presenting at RoOUG TechSession #27 in Bucharest

Summer is here, yet we’re more busy than ever. This July, on the 17th, we’re hosting a 1-day workshop for the APEX development community in Romania with the support of the Romanian Oracle User Group (RoOUG).

This event will include sessions on APEX best practices, advanced techniques and about how we, at FOEX, look to solve some of the more complex requirements in APEX by using the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Furthermore, we are actively encouraging those who will participate to send us their questions, so that we can include address them in the best way possible during the workshop.

How does the workshop’s agenda look like? Here’s a brief overview:


APEX Best Practices – we’ll be providing insights & best practices tips for developing applications with Oracle APEX. Application architecture, setting up APEX / ORDS, guidelines for application design, structuring and securing your APEX application, theme choices and how to handle custom code.

In addition, we’ll cover live use cases, based on our own experience with developing APEX applications and attendees’ requests.


APEX Advanced Techniques – APEX offers a lot of great features right out of the box, but what if you get a requirement which goes beyond the standard functionality provided by APEX?

In this session we’ll explore a couple of these use cases and dive into some of the more advanced techniques that you can use. The topics that we’ll cover include:

  • Extending APEX with Plugins
  • Using the APEX Dictionary
  • APEX API’s
  • Dynamic Actions and Javascript
  • Scripting APEX Deployment


FOEX overview & concepts – The FOEX Plugin Framework is built on top of Oracle APEX leveraging the APEX Plugin Interface. It introduces new features and design patterns, allowing you to build complex single-page applications (SPA) declaratively. 

Our suite of plugins are primarily built using the Sencha Ext JS JavaScript library, which gives you a feature-rich set of components (150+) and a comprehensive API on both the client and the server-side to build enterprise web applications.

This technical session will focus on highlighting the ways in which the FOEX Plugin Framework enhances the functionality of Oracle APEX and we’ll talk about some of the more common use cases: migrating from Oracle Forms, extending the functionality of EBS, desktop applications etc. 


So, if you’re in Bucharest on the 17th of July and want to learn more about Oracle APEX and/or how FOEX helps improve developer productivity, we invite you to register for this 1-day workshop. Click the following link for the RoOUG’s event full details and registration form.


We look forward to see you there!


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