How to add record navigation buttons to a form in FOEX

Record navigation buttons are really helpful when you need to browse between entries, such as orders or inventory, within your FOEX application. 

To achieve this I’ll use a screen from one of our new demos to highlight how it can be easily done. In the image below you see a screen showing the customer order information.

This looks ok, but to browse through different customer orders I first need to close this window and then click on another entry to view that order’s details. There must be a faster way to do this!

Form without record navigation buttons

FOEX Form without record navigation buttons


With FOEX you can easily add record navigation buttons to your form by following this steps:

1. In the Page Designer go to your form region (in my case Order and Items)

FOEX Page Designer

2. Click on Attributes and then go to the Order by section

3. Add a valid clause, such as the one I used for this example order by ID ASC

FOEX Form attributes


Now the buttons should be added to your form. The end result will look like the one you see below:


FOEX Form with record navigation buttons


This is an easy to implement solution for when you need to enable record navigation in a form within your application. You don’t need to add any extra code because this is handled by the FOEX Plugin Framework.


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