Speaking about Oracle APEX at MDAW #11

This Tuesday we attended the Mobile Developer After-Work #11, here in Vienna. This is an event format focused on all things mobile. For this edition the event was hosted at the Oracle office in Vienna.

There was a great lineup of speakers, as you can see below:

  • Robert Baumgartner – Senior solution architect responsible for the Oracle Fusion Middleware in Austria,
  • Peter Raganitsch – Oracle ACE Director and CEO of FOEX GmbH,
  • Max Berg – Software developer at Tieto,
  • Mark A.M. Kramer – University lecturer at University of Applied Sciences in Steyr and Hagenberg.


What were the presentations all about?

Here’s a brief overview for each of them. The first session explored Oracle’s Mobile Cloud offering, its features and benefits for Enterprises.

MDAW11 - Oracle Mobile Cloud

Our presentation was second and although we had just a 15-minute time slot, it was enough to showcase the advantages and benefits of using Oracle Application Express (#orclapex pour le connaisseurs) compared to other technologies that are available out there.

MDAW11 Oracle APEX presentation by Peter Raganitsch

Peter not only gave an introduction into APEX and it’s architecture, but also built a basic application and a REST Webservice, leaving enough time to also mention other great (and free) products by Oracle: ORDS, SQL Developer, JET and the Oracle node driver.

Building an Oracle APEX application - MDAW11 - Peter Raganitsch

Judging by the feedback received, it was great to see the level of interest we raised around APEX and certainly hope that even more developers will start using it in the future.

Next, Max talked about development workflow automation in web-based projects using Gulp.

MDAW11 - Gulp presentation - Max Berg

In addition to the general overview of Gulp, the presentation was accompanied by practical tips around setting up Gulp workflows and explored new ways to accelerating development.

Last, but not least, Mark discussed about consumer grade UIs in enterprise software. Taking the consumer grade software as an example, the question posed was: Does enterprise software really need to deliver the identical UIs and provide the same UX as consumer grade software?

MDAW11 - Enterprise software UIs

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, there are several directions which could be explored when it comes to enterprise software. On one side, there’s an obvious need for a functional design, which for various reasons, can’t be as user friendly as consumer facing software.

However, does it mean that enterprise software can’t have improved UIs? We beg to differ. After all, that’s why we’re building FOEX: to create enterprise applications faster and easier and blend functional design with an improved UI (by the way, we’re working on some awesome new demos which we’ll release in the near future – stay tuned!).


Overall it was great for us to attend & speak at #MDAW11 , as we had the chance to meet with lots of interested people, exchange ideas, get feedback and bring a bit more awareness for the APEX community.

A big ‘Thank you’ goes to the event’s hosts: Andreas Jakl and Helmut Krämer for their support during the event and the photos used in this article!

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