Speed Test – Build an XML Template Editor

The Requirement

When faced with a requirement to manage XML templates for a custom Excel XML output solution we wanted to put FOEX to the speed test to see how long will it take to build a page to manage these XML templates. Knowing that the requirements dictate that we need to support the loading and saving of XML CLOB data greater than 32K. Yep, they need CLOBs just to make our APEX developer life just that little more painful.

The Design

We start with the ER model. A simple 3 table structure:

Next we move on to produce our application wireframe in a product say like Balsamiq

From the mockup we can see that we need the following components from our development tool:

  • Toolbar
  • Tree
  • Grid
  • Code Editor

All of which are available within the FOEX plugin framework, and we’re relieved to find that the FOEX Code Editor supports loading and saving of CLOB data out of the box, since we know this is a pain point of standard Oracle APEX and requires additional coding overhead. So we’ve saved time already before even starting 🙂

The FOEX Build

So our next logical step is to start developing our FOEX application and replicate the mockup and so our speed test begins. Out of curiosity if you were faced with providing a quote to your customer how long would you expect the build to take? Just have a ponder and come up with a figure before watching the video and reading on….

When put to the test, a moderately experienced FOEX developer  can complete this solution in less than 30 mins. Now granted the above demo was created by Matt, one of our framework architects, you may not be able to build the solution as fast on your first attempt since you might be new to FOEX or you might be looking to gain a better understanding of FOEX as you’re developing so speed may not be your number 1 focus. The key message is that speed is important and something we take seriously here at FOEX.

Here’s where you can DEMO the final result with a few extra finishing touches which took the build time to just under 1 hr in total. Why not also check it out in our desktop plugin.

In Summary

Ok so you’ve just witnessed how we can go from design to a completed application within a very short time frame without compromising on the quality of application itself. If you compared this to developing in standard APEX in terms of time and of product quality which would you prefer?

When you consider applying the same technique to solve many problems with FOEX you will then unlock its true value. You can build the type of apps that people want to use incredibly fast, saving you time and saving you money.

The main reason why FOEX is a specialist APEX Development company is that we feel there is no other development tool as productive and easy to use as APEX and the purpose of our FOEX plugin framework is build on top of this ideology and take APEX development to the next level.


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