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The new FOEX pricing structure

This month we made some big changes in our business model, marketing and sales communication. We really hope you are not totally overwhelmed by it so far. Along with the new website launch, you may have noticed that our price model has also changed.


Why did we change it?

By no means was this an easy decision to make, as we were thinking about a change in our business model for some time now. We’ve also learned a lot from our customers in the past couple of years and since the old model required a significant upfront payment, for many this represented a high barrier to entry and try our FOEX Plugin Framework.

Since we were already in the process of revamping our website and marketing materials, the timing was just right for us to also focus on our pricing structure and see how we could refine it. We wanted to offer our customers a price model that is more flexible and aligned with their needs, so choosing a SaaS type of pricing seemed like a natural decision.


I’m a FOEX customer, how does this change affect me?

The short answer: it doesn’t! The agreements we signed with our existing customers are and will remain valid moving forward, unless you’re explicitly requesting to change to the new pricing model.


Is support included in the new pricing model?

Absolutely! All customers purchasing 1 or more FOEX licenses on the new pricing model have our standard support included in the price of the license(s) they’ve purchased. If you want to ensure a faster response, we have 1-day and 3-day SLAs that we can offer. To request more info about these types of agreements drop us a short email on


You’ve displayed the prices for 1, 2, 3 and 5 licenses. How can I purchase 4 or more than 5 licenses?

In case you’d like to purchase 4 FOEX licenses, we’d send you a combined offer for buying a package of 3 + 1 licenses, which is actually a better option for you, than if you’re to buy 2 + 2 license packages.

For purchasing more than 5 licenses, please send us your request at


Together with this change in our business model, we’ve added training, consulting and certification services, which we’ll be offering starting with this year. For more information about any of them or to request an offer, please contact us at

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