What’s the State of Oracle APEX Development

The evolution of Oracle APEX over the past few years was astonishing and it keeps getting better with each new version.

Update 07.02.2019: The Report is ready: https://blog.foex.at/state-of-apex-development-in-2018-report/

But, what about the developers and organizations using APEX? How do they deal with it, what do they value, what do they wish for?

Nobody really knows, this is why we set up a Survey (of course using the “Survey Builder” Packaged App) to learn more about the State of Oracle APEX Development.

We want to invite everyone to participate in the survey over the next few weeks. After that we will compile a report and give that back to the community, so everyone has a better understanding.

Please remember this link: https://www.foex.at/state-of-apex-development it is the starting point of the survey and will also host the report, once it is available.

Before we published this survey, we also reached out to Joel Kallman and Jürgen Schuster, to get their input and improvements to the questions we ask.

If you want to see other question for next years edition, please tell us in the comments.

There is more: just as we wanted to start the survey, Mike Hichwa sent out a tweet poll which you also should definitely answer.

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